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Stranger Things Season 3,Review: Grow Up, Already!Powerful, Terrifying And Hilarious

             Stranger Things Season 3 : After making an enemy of himself by bullying our favorite group of Hawkins misfits and beating up Steve (Joe Keery) in season 2 of Stranger Things, Billy (ustinacre Montgomery) seemed due for a redemption arc. But season 3 turned out to be a little more complicated for the Hawkins hunk.

Although Billy’s season 3 storyline culminated in him sacrificing himself to save Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) from the Mind Flayer monster, the horrors he committed leading up to that moment were some of the worst we’ve seen on the show. Of course, it’s important to note that Billy was possessed by the Mind Flayer for the majority of season — a development that made it difficult to come to a definitive conclusion about his character.

So before you cast your final judgment on Billy, let’s try to make sense of everything that happened to him in Stranger Things season 3.ike many a rich high school kid, popularity might be the worst thing that ever happened to Stranger Things. Arriving to initially very minimal fanfare on Netflix in summer 2016, it took a few months before the zeitgeist really caught on and blew the show up to its place as one of streaming's most identifiable hits. Its first season was a charming if derivative little mixtape of creature features and John Hughes-era coming of age movies. With a season 2 renewal, an expanded budget, and a newly-minted star in Millie Bobby Brown, I anticipated an all-out sophomore effort where the show could really make its mark.

Instead, it did more of the same, and unfortunately, the third season of Stranger Things, even after a two-year gap, hasn't seemed to evolve much beyond that.

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