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Jackie Cruz on the Power of Short Hair, Meditating, and "Feeling Yourself"

On Orange Is the New Black, Jackie Cruz plays inmate Marisol Gonzalez — aka Flaka — whose defining applications are a grimalkin attention and sharp, it is borderline risky then extralong, dark hair. Regarding the latter, Cruz explained to POPSUGAR what her cloud impacted the path he saw herself growing upon or what that helped her discover her intimate confidence.

"You comprehend Flaca — that was my historical hair," that said, explaining to that amount that had lengthy cloud her entire life. "Hair was a large deal into my lifestyles because, life Latin, it always need you to have long hair, and I hold curly hair, as was once a fascicle of labor to maintain up."

She explained as so he reduce that off, she felt more then greater free. "I started out slicing away my hair, then to that amount was once a share concerning me error whoever I aged to be," that said. "I always felt like [what I] seemed like was once primarily based of how much humans desired me to stay or my mom. After a bit years regarding assignment regarding Orange, I play a lot, yet I've grown a bunch yet I've become without a doubt more confident." Cruz's nib is presently reduce within a pixie, yet that defined as the range makes her sense beautiful because it used to be some thing she chose because of herself.

Another road Cruz says she finds self belief is through meditating, who that does into her shower. "It's some over those '90s showers where thou sit down down," he said. "I shave, I scrub. I absorb simply certain small to sense myself." She makes use of the Schick Hydro Silk ($10 for three) razor, who she promotes of her brand new marketing campaign together with the brand. Her video along the brand takes location regarding "Feelin' Myself Island" yet is a spoof about relationship truth Television indicates where she searches for ways in conformity with feel closer in imitation of herself.

When such comes in conformity with shaking off insecurities, she has one solution motto. "None about it is important," she said, referring in conformity with what may want to keep make ye sense inadequate. "[What is essential is] how you sense inward and how many ye bust ponderabil of yourself." Check outdoors her recent campaign including Schick ahead.

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