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Happy Birthday Ranveer Singh, Ranveer and Dipika Romantic Photos viral

Actor RanveerSingh turns 34 on Saturday and if you are considering getting him a gift, think twice because he already has all he could ask for. The talented actor is minting hits like no one’s business and is enjoying a fan-following stronger than ever before.

However, the highlight of his year was his wedding to the love of his life, actor Deepika Padukone. The couple tied the knot in a highly secretive ceremony at Italy’s Lake Como last year in November. Their wedding was all that the country could talk about for days and their stunning pics didn’t help the craziness die down either. People were obsessed to find a stunning wife like her and the perfect groom like him.

Even Ranveer agreed that it could not get better than this. “Six months into the relationship, I knew she was the one. I nurtured the relationship accordingly. It’s been six years now. She’s too good, too lovely. She’s a force of nature. I understood that almost immediately,” he said in an interview soon after the wedding. “I knew all too well that this is the woman I’m going to marry. This is the woman who would become the mother of my children. I’ve been thinking about marriage seriously for almost three years now. I was just waiting, I told her the minute you say so, we’ll do it,” he added.
Deepika, too, thinks the same about him. “I think you just know when you want to spend the rest of your life with that one person and he’s everything rolled into one man. He’s my best friend, playmate, companion and confidant. I can be silly in front of him, I can be stupid in front of him, I can be sick in front of him, I can be whatever I want to be,” she had said.

The two are now going to star together in a film for the first time after last year’s Padmaavat and Ranveer is already excited. Deepika will play h

is wife in the upcoming Kabir Khan directorial, 83, based on India’s historic win at the 1983 cricket World Cup. Ranveer will play former captain Kapil Dev while Deepika will play his wife Romi.

“The personal equation doesn’t spill over into the workspace. I can’t think of anyone else who could do justice to the role of Kapil Dev, but if there was someone else playing him in the film, and not Ranveer, I would still do my part,” she said. “This isn’t coming from a personal equation, but from my passion and enthusiasm for the film,” the actor, who is also co-producing 83, added.

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