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Cricket World Cup 2019 : India beat Sri Lanka by seven wickets

        Rohit Sharma, Man of the Match: "Not really (thought about scoring five hundreds). Like I have been talking about, going out there and do my job. Not thinking about all these kind of milestones. I know if I play well all these things will happen along the way. My job is to keep my head straight and get my team to the finishing line. The shot selection becomes important once I am in. I try and calculate how I want to go forward based on that. There has to be some discipline in your batting and I have learned that from my past. What has happened has happened, every day is a new day in cricket. I come out thinking I have not played any ODIs or scored any hundreds. That is the challenge as a sportsperson. He has been a champion bowler for Sri Lanka and then for Mumbai Indians. He has shown it over the years how the teams rely on him. I have seen him in close quarters and the cricket world will miss him. As a team we are not thinking about that. We have had a great victory today and we want to celebrate that."

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